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Atari Centipede

[Centipede Marquee] 
1980atari.gif (1023 bytes)

centipedelongorange.gif (1160 bytes)

Go to the Lawley  high scores

centipedereallong.gif (1305 bytes)



mill_marquee.jpg (2914 bytes)



Check out my new dedicated Millipede page.

millipedelongyellow.gif (1240 bytes)


Soon to be together in my basement!
(this is my latest project)

redspinningstar.gif (4218 bytes)Soon to also play Atari Millipederedspinningstar.gif (4218 bytes)

millipedeshot7beedtt.gif (1182 bytes)

centipedeshot3.gif (1135 bytes)What can I tell you about Centipede that you don't already know?  I fell in love with this game early after its arrival in the arcade.   I thought it was a little different than other shoot 'em ups.  For one thing, the screen was full of things to shoot at!  There wasn't anything invinsible.  I liked getting a new man every 12,000 points, and especially the sound it made.  The action was so frantic, and I would be so caught up in the 'battle', that it would seem like that sound was going off every few seconds.  centipedeshot2.gif (1596 bytes)

centipede300.gif (1382 bytes)Centipede took my attention away from Battlezone, and that was no easy task!  I used to always try to avoid clearing enough mushrooms to let the fleas come down, until I saw a guy playing who was blowing my scores away.   He would purposely clear away the lower shrooms so that the fleas would come in droves!  The upper part of the screen would FILL with mushrooms and the centipedes would charge to the bottom so fast!  The games pace was totally awesome and the action was absolute mayhem!   I never played conservatively again!  This is the only way to play Centipede, as far as I'm concerned!

Centipede would get my heart pumping and my nerves on edge within SECONDS of dropping in my quarter!  There was no other game like that!  Especially not Battlezone, my other favourite at the time.   There's been a lot said about how this game was the first designed by a woman.   Well, it sure is interesting to know that now, but then, I didn't have a clue that that was the case.  I just loved the game!


centipedeshot.gif (1069 bytes)   I've got a marquee from ebay*

I've also got a flyer     centipedelongorange.gif (1160 bytes)

         spider1.gif (865 bytes)       here are the ROMs 2

centipedeshot3.gif (1135 bytes) switch settings

PCB pinouts and Centipede to Millipede conversion info


Acquired: September 1998bonusevery12000.gif (1087 bytes)

scorpionright.gif (1073 bytes)This is almost exactly my machine. Note the 13" monitor! Mine actually has the control panel overlays, although they are slightly worn. As I have now recently received my Millipede board, I can't wait to make my adapter so I can play either game on this little baby. Yep, this one's definitely my pride and joy! Even my wife likes it now! Woo hoo! [Centipede C/T]

centipedelong.gif (1296 bytes)

centipedeshot5.gif (979 bytes)Still needed for this machine:

  • Centipede NOS cocktail cp overlays

  • Millipede PCB -
    arrived December 11!  Thanks Tilt! and RGVAC (or RGVAC via DejaNews)!


    blueflea.gif (857 bytes)Gamplay looks like thisshootergreen.gif (860 bytes)

    centipedereallong.gif (1305 bytes)

    flea.gif (850 bytes)`

    The Lawley Family High Scores

    highscore.gif (978 bytes)

    centipedelong.gif (1296 bytes)                             spider3.gif (860 bytes)


    centipedetop.gif (2105 bytes)





    (6 yrs old)

    new.gif (1060 bytes) 19,340
    Jan 26, 2000

    13,606  when 5 yrs
    19,301 when 6 yrs
    (4 yrs old)

    March 27, 2000

    7.461 Feb 1999 when 3 yrs


    iluvatari.gif (3016 bytes)

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