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See more of what WAS new on the What's New History page... 



April 05, 2001

The link to the Pac-Man 4 game (and others) hack has finally been restored.  Thanks to Greg King and the author of the document itself!


February 25, 2001

Finally @home supports some FrontPage extensions.  I've added my OWN counters to all of my main pages, including using custom arcade fonts for them.  Unfortunately I had to start most of them at 0, including PacMan, which I know had tens of thousands of hits.   That's too bad, but I'll start counting again.  Now if @home would just speed up its web server!!!
FP extensions also allows me to use include files!  So I've made the main left menu, and the game info now! menu an include file so it they will be consistent on each page.  Also the Calgary weather link above and the copyright message at the bottom of each page are include files as well.   That will save me from having to edit every page separately when things change.  I almost can't wait for a change now! 

February 24, 2001

 Back in the fall I was able to trade my DKJr for an upright Mario Bros.  It was sad to see DKJr go, but I've been wanting this machine for a long time!  Stay tuned for the upcoming Mario Bros. page.  It'll have the details of the deal.
 Well it had to happen.  The gravy train could not go on forever.  I've removed all my AllAdvantage ad banners.  They've admitted they can no longer support the rates they were paying and the user base they had acquired.  They've now switched to a sweepstakes scheme I'm not impressed with.  You can still join them if you wish, but I no longer have an account with them.  If you signed up under my name I thank you, and I hope you made a little money off it.  I probably was paid close to $400 over the course of the year.  

May 20, 2000

 Check out the new Pole Position page!  Wasted a lot of my long weekend on it.  I hope it's worth it.
 Changed my AllAdvantage ad banner a little on a couple of pages.  This really deserves your attention.  As my banner says, I've been paid $120 in about 6 months for doing nothing but tolerating a little ad banner on my computer screen while I'm surfing the net.  If you have any questions at all, just email me.  I don't mind telling you how to get involved and what is expected of you (nothing really).

March 26, 2000

Wow!  I haven't updated this page since 1999!  Here's a few items that have happened since then...

  • In February I picked up  cockpit version of Atari Pole Position!   

  • In March I acquired an upright Sega After Burner (1987) (wow!  is that thing ever heavy!) and a Bally/Midway Two Tigers (1984) (converted from a Bally/Midway Tron, but a really good conversion).     
    The After Burner is a little flaky and the graphics images all disappear once in awhile.  When I first got it the 'force-feedback' joystick was working, but, after blowing and replacing the power supply, the 'force-feedback' no longer works.     
    The Two Tigers has been in hope use for almost 10 years and is in great shape, but there is no image.  The monitor is either blown or on the fritz.  If anyone knows of where I can get a replacement horizontal Electrohome monitor cheap, let me know.  Even better, if you know here I can also get a Tron control panel and a VERTICAL monitor, I'd rather convert this puppy back to that!   

  • I've fixed all the KLOV links to point to their new URL.   

  • Changed a few of the mini 'game info now' menus to include a Pole Position graphic, but it doesn't go anywhere yet.  I removed the Mario Bros. image to accommodate it, since it was only a wanted item anyway.  More update to this menu will be made when I've created pages for the some of these new games.  There will probably be a Pole Position page at least, but since I never was into Two Tigers (never even heard of it actually) or After Burner, I don't have anything much to say about them.   

  • I've received a second cheque from All Advantage for 'getting paid to surf the net'!  That's about $70 I've received from them now!  If you're interested in making money for browsing the web, and maybe have been hesitating to be sure it is legitimate, click on the ad banner above to sign up!   

  • It looks like Countman has kicked the big one.  I leave the broken links there for a little while longer in case it comes back, but I'm losing hope all the time.  Too bad.  It was the only counter service I could find that let me have multiple counters that were easy to set up for free.

December 31, 1999

  • Starting to change some page layouts.  As you can see here, I've removed the 'mini menu' from the top of the page and put it in a smaller space below the regular menu to the left.  As I edit pages, I'll make the same change to the rest of the site.   
  • Touched up some more of the pages to reflect the sale of my Ms. Pac-Man machine.   
  • Don told me to reduce the prices on his two pinball machines on my For Sale page, so I did that.   


December 23, 1999

  • Sold Ms. Pac-Man.  Made changes to this effect on Ms. Pac-Man, Come 'n Gones, and 4Sale pages.  
  • I've created scanned images of the vital parts of a Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table underlay.  This includes both the long marquee like image down the side and also the "scorecard" directly in front of the player above the joysticks.  If you wish to see these, or you own a Ms. Pac-Man that you would like to restore and would like to download them, email me, and I'll provide you with a link.  I can also show you where to get cocktail control panel overlays, but they were not created by me.  These are large files.  The big marquee-like one is about 3.5 meg and the smaller scorecard one is about 850 k.

December 12, 1999

  • Haven't made many entries here lately.  A few small things, not worth mentioning, have changed (some high scores and stuff).  But today, I added 3 major items to my For Sale page.  Two very classic Williams pinball machines, Black Knight and Banzai Run, and another cocktail machine, Midway's Kick!.  These belong to a friend in town, so I'm listing them for him.  I'll pass on any interest to him directly.  I don't want to be a middle man.

October 09, 1999

October 08, 1999

  • Last night, some adults some teenagers.  Needless to say, the machines all came on!  I played one game of DKJr and beat my old high score by a whoppin' 400 points.  Wow!  But I did go a couple of screens further than I had before!

October 07, 1999

  • I've been tweaking things here and there.  Probably the most significant changes have been made to the Ms. Pac-Man page.  Lot's of new high scores, and I even had a perfect score up and including the pear maze on Speedy!  Maureen almost cracked 200,000!  I've totally revamped the 'Perfect Maze Scores' table.  It now has all kinds of information about mazes, maze order, etc. on it.  Check it out! 
  • The Pac-Man page took over 1,000 hits in September!  It will surpass my Welcome page within this month!  The Welcome page also had a record month.  It received about 330 hits.  That gives you an idea of how popular Pac-Man is these days!  Most of the hits have come from search engines and the Pacland web-ring, of course. 
  • Did a little rewording on the Welcome page.  Nothing special.

September 18, 1999

  • I want to thank those that have taken the time to email me lately about how much they've enjoyed the site.  It's nice to know that people find them interesting.  Sometimes you wonder if you're hitting the mark or not.  There are so many good pages out there now. It's hard to be original and still be of value.  Well, that's enough rambling... 
  • I've made quite a few small modifications over the last week.  Nothing worthy of mentioning really.  But then, that's never stopped me before!  Completed the whole family's high score table for speedy Ms. Pac-Man.  Moe had a pretty good game!  As for the kids, I just forced them to play to get a score.  They find speedy a little too difficult. 
  • Maureen is really hounding me to sell the Ms. Pac-Man machine.  So far I've managed to avert her efforts.  BTW, does anyone remember what it means when there is a faint black stripe from top to bottom rolling across the screen? 
  • I've created and added background images of upright machines to even more of my pages.  I really need a colour image of an upright Stern Turtles machine.  I've never seen an image, other than the half-height b&w one on KLOV, of this machine anywhere.  If you have one, or even know where there is one, PLEASE let me know! 

September 14, 1999

  • Created and added new background images to most of my dedicated games pages.  
  • Fixed all links in the mini-menu for the new Ms. Pac-Man page. 
  • Cleaned up the new Ms. Pac-Man machine.  It looks great!  There  is a fair amount of burn on the screen.  Probably about the same as  Gyruss.

September 11, 1999

  • Archived some of this page to the What's New History page.  
  • Customized the guestbook signing screen.  
  • Installed laminated colour laser printed CP Overlays on Ms. Pac-Man.  They look great!  I'll have to get a picture on here soon.

September 08, 1999

  • I added a small banner ad.  This is something I think is pretty cool, if it ever comes together.  It costs nothing, and in fact makes you money while you're online.  It doesn't promise lots of money.  In fact only about $0.60 an hour.  But a few cents an hour just because you're online is better than nothing.  Have a look.  There's no obligation, but if you sign up, please do so under my name, pacaway.  Thanks.  
  • I signed up for a guestbook at Lycos.  It seems pretty good and is customizable.  I'll have to spend some time customizing it later though... :)  Please sign it if you have any comments.  
  • Rick tells me he's found a Millipede machine!  That means I can finally test my board next time I have the opportunity to get it up to Edmonton!  Woohoo!
  • fixed all my current Calgary Weather links.  

September 02, 1999

  • First off, my daughter started grade 1 today!  I wonder how many in her class can get through the first few screens of DKJr and know the difference between Speedy and regular Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man?  :)  
  • Secondly, I picked up an original Ms. Pac-Man cocktail table today!   That gives me an original Pac-Man and an original Ms. Pac-Man now!  
  • Confirmed about a week ago that my friend did definitely sell my Gran Trak 10.     :(
  • I'm off to Edmonton this weekend.  I should give Rick a call...  You should see how awesome his web site is now!  Check it out here 
  • Helped a guy at work get a pinball machine about a week ago.  He saw a couple of my pinball books and commented on how he'd like to buy a machine for his wife.  I found him one for sale about a week later and he bought it.  It was a Stern Quicksilver.   Another one gets bitten by the bug... :)  
  • Joined my Pac-Man page to the Pac-Land Web Ring.  That should help up the count there.  It's over 1500 hits now.  
  • I have to update all my Calgary weather links found at the top of each page.  Thanks to smart guy at Environment Canada who felt it necessary to change the URL!

See more of what WAS new on the What's New History page...

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