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bluespinningstar.gif (4218 bytes)I  need a  Time Pilot marquee .gif or .jpg!  If you've got either one, please send it to me!bluespinningstar.gif (4218 bytes)


Why do I enjoy Turtles?bigsbuilding.gif (2176 bytes)

It's hard to answer that one.  I remember Turtles from almost nightly visits to 7/11 back in Penticton.  I guess I found it unique enough for a Pac-Man clone to keep playing.  I 'm also interested in it BECAUSE I remember it, and it gets very little coverage here on the net.  In fact, it gets none.  With my Mr. Do! page, I talked about all the things that made Mr. Do! such a great game.  I think what I'll do here is talk about what kept Turtles from being a great game.  It has a few serious flaws that I felt kept people from flocking to this one, even though the game play isn't too bad.  But don't get me wrong!   I definitely enjoy playing this game.  The music is great, and changes from level to level.  The game is challenging.  It's cute and colourful.  And the point of the game is certainly moral, to save the kiddies!  How could any goal be better than that?  :)


Turtles is a good game, buy why isn't it a great game?

scoretable.gif (1861 bytes)I feel that this is the case mainly because of Turtles scoring system.
Most games reward the player for advancing from level to level.  Turtles, for some reason, doesn't do that.  There is no bonus score for how quickly you can finish a level, like in the DK series.  There is no advancing point value for an object on the level, such as the fruit in the Pac-Man series.  There isn't even advancing point values for your achievements from level to level, even though the tasks become much harder.  As you can see from the chart here, getting a 'kid-turtle' home is ALWAYS worth 150, rescuing a kid-turtle is always worth 100, etc., etc. 

howmanykidturtles.gif (1254 bytes)What ends up happening is that your points are almost always exactly the same every game, based on how many levels you've covered.  This is far from Pac-Man, where a good player can have 14,800 at the end of the first screen, and a poor player can have around 2,000.  The game continues to get harder the further you get, but the rewards don't grow.  Even passing the eighth level, where you get the cut scene showing the rescue of the kids is not rewarded with any bonus points, and the game restarts at a harder level.


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The Lawley Family High Scores

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1stto10th.gif (1331 bytes) Cliff 32,490 pts.gif (1296 bytes)
Maureen ????
(5 yrs old)
(3 yrs old)

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