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Nintendo Donkey Kong Junior (1982) Centuri Gyruss (1983) Universal Mr. Do! (1982)
Atari SpaceRiders Pinball (1977)

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(here's my V.A.P.S. 1 listing)
Names and marquees are  linked to dedicated pages.



[Gyruss marquee]


Turtles Marquee


[Gyruss Cocktail]


Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-man

[Pac-man marquee]  
[Ms Pac marquee]


pacmancocktailsmall.gif (12556 bytes)


Centipede / Millipede

[Centipede Marquee][Millipede marquee]


[Centipede C/T]

Mr. Do!

[Mr. Do!]


February 1999

[Mr. Do! C/T]

Pole Position

[Atari Pole Position (1982) Page Coming Soon!]

cockpit cabinet

February 2000

[Atari Pole Position Sit-Down Cabinet]

After Burner II

[No marquee available]


March 2000


Bally/ Midway
Two Tigers

upright Tron conversion

March 2000


Mario Bros.


September  2000

[Mario Bros. front]

1 K.L.O.V. stands for the "Killer List Of Videogames"
  V.A.P.S.   stands for the "Video Arcade Preservation Society"

If you own a game or games and are not a member of VAPS, or your game is not listed in KLOV, why not make them better and make an entry today?


ROMs: As I am a legal owner of these machines, and due to the difficulty these days of obtaining ROM images, I am making ROM images available on these pages for the machines I own.  These are for your use ONLY if you ALSO are the legal owner of the specific machine you wish to download the ROMs for.  I do not take responsibility for the misuse, or illegal use of these images, but only want to make them available for those that need them.

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all brand names and "borrowed" images are copyright of their respective creators.
Please don't get upset if I've borrowed one or more of these images from you. 
The majority of them are now my own now, and I am constantly replacing those that are not.
If there is a problem with a borrowed image, just email me and I will remove it.
In all pages of this website, it is acknowledged and respected that...(click here for game copyright info)