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Other Arcade Machines That I've Had Or Have That Are Gone Or On Their Way Out

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Space Riders
spaceridersicon.jpg (927 bytes)

(my first!)

1978 electronic pinball

Read the story of how this one started it all for me...  arrow.gif (507 bytes)

I bought this flyer for nostalgic reasons!.


Acquired: Wish I could remember
Sold:   some months after  we moved in July 1993  :(
Where it is now:  When I last saw it, I had just unloaded it into a strangers basement.  He bought it from me at a garage sale.  It was his first arcade purchase too, but he said it was his intent to keep it working.  I can only hope he meant it.  Lot's more details in the story link above.

Here's an awesome link to info on Atari pinball.   If you've got any information to help make THEIR site better, please let them know.



spaceriders.gif (36239 bytes)

South Pacific

1950 woodrail pinball machine

Genco was a strong contender in the pinball market in the early days.  This machine was the first to have only 2 flippers.  (Remember, Humpty Dumpty, the first flipper pinball table had 3 sets!) It seemed that only Genco could make them strong enough to send the ball to the top of the table.

As you can see, it still had scoring by lights.  The wooden assembly is beautiful.  The flippers are backwards, as they all were at the time.  The playing surface had a long diagonal line of catch holes, so that if the ball got caught in one, and the table was properly leveled, the ball would pass from one to the other till it reached the top of the table! Something like this, but 10 of them...


The balls are manually fed to the plunger by pushing on another lever.  When the 5 balls ran out, the game kept running until a mechanical timer ran out.  This is a true antique, but I don't have the time to restore it the way it deserves to be.

Acquired: June 1997 with Gran Trak 10 below.
Sold:  I still have it actually, but it's for sale.  You can email me, if you're interested.
Where it is now: Still here behind my desk with the legs off.


Genco's South Pacific


Sky Jump

1974 pinball machine

check out the flyer

This machine was in absolute excellent condition.  The playing surface was mint.  I even thought it may have been replaced, but if it was, it was with an original.  I was also very impressed with how organized everything was inside of it.  Gottlieb obviously put a lot of effor into making their pins maintainable.

Acquired: July 1997  at a garage sale for $50.  Wasn't working at the time and I didn't have the time or expertise to fix it either, so...
Sold: Fall 1997
Where it is now:  I have no idea.  I sold it through an advertisement weekly to someone in Calgary.  He was hoping to be able to fix it, but I have no idea who he was, or if he knew anymore than I did.


Gottlieb's Sky Jump (1974)


Gran Trak 10

sprintbtnwhite.gif (853 bytes) 1974 video game sprintbtnwhite.gif (853 bytes)

  Atari releases the world's first driving game ever!  (Only one of their MANY firsts.)

You've all seen it. It's the little car sprintbtnwhite.gif (853 bytes) that goes around the little light blip track on a B/W TV screen.  Complete with brake and gas pedal, 4 speed tranny, including Reverse, and a steering wheel!  Watch out for the oil slicks!  How many laps can you do in 72 seconds?

Acquired: June 1997
Sold:  Spring 1999
Where it is now:  Since May 1998, this baby was in a friend's garage in Airdrie (a small town north of Calgary).  I gave it to his son just before we moved from Airdrie into Calgary.  He lost interest fast, after it stopped working.   But I know it's just a lose wire, because it used to stop working for me too.   They've had it listed for sale in the paper, but I retained grandfather rights to take it back, if I so desire, before it sold.  I failed to do so, and it sold.   Good thing, as I was starting to think about taking it back.   :)


sprintbtnwhite.gif (853 bytes)

no images for this one, sorry

sprintbtnwhite.gif (853 bytes)

but  you can see the flyer

sprintbtnwhite.gif (853 bytes)

The picture on the flyer is a little deceptive.  The machine is primarily orange, even though it appears to be brown on this flyer shot.


Ms. Pac-Man

1982 cocktail video game

 This was a cocktail table in great shape.  The screen had quite a bit of burn (find me one today that doesn't!), and the CP overlays were missing, but I replaced them with laminated colour laser prints.
The glass underlay was immaculate!
It had a Speedy chip in it.
To the right  is what a new one looks like, and mine didn't look much worse!
Why did I sell it?  I already had a Pac-Man machine that played Ms. Pac-Man anyway, and since space is always at a premium...

Acquired: September 02, 1999
Sold:  December 23, 1999
Where it is now: roughly Chicago, Ill., as far as I know...


Donkey Kong Jr.

1982 cocktail video game

[Donkey Kong Junior]

This one was also in really good shape.  The cabinet was not exactly as shown here.  Mine had the instruction card on both sides of the screen.  It also had had the control panels changed to some generic type that had the controls on top.  It was easier to play that way anyway.  It had full manuals for both the game and the cabinet.  A previous owner had drilled a hole in the coin slot plate and installed a switch for credits.  The sound was a little scratchy and I never did discover why.

Acquired: October 1998
Sold:  September 2000
Reason for selling:  Although frequently playing it in the 80's, it wasn't one of my favourites.  It was always my intention to resell it.  Once the novelty wore off for the kids, it was time to go.  Besides, the perfect trade came along and I got my Mario Bros. now!  Still bothered them (and me) to see it go though!
Where it is now: I have no idea... :(

[Donkey Kong C/T]

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