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Items I need for my Arcade Collection:

If you have any of these items to sell, please email.gif (18860 bytes) me.



For my Konami Gyruss cocktail arcade machine:


glass underlay (or original glass if the image was silkscreened on)
UPDATE:  I've since picked up an original cocktail cabinet for this machine (
Thanks again, Rick!).  Unfortunately it is also missing the top artwork, so this item is still needed.


Turtles or Turpin PCB - (this is Stern Turtles or Taito Turpin, from 1981, and is in no way related to TMNT)
(Got the Turtles board, Jan 24, 1999!  Thanks again, Rick!)


Time Pilot or Time Pilot '84, Scramble, Super Cobra PCB's




HELP!   I'm in desperate need of a new power supply!
UPDATE:  I've now got the power transistors for it (thanks Bob Roberts!), but I haven't gotten around to putting it together.



For my Midway Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man cocktail arcade machine:


Pac-man glass underlay


cocktail cp overlays
for Pac-man...
[pacman c/t cp]

...and Ms Pac-man (I think these'll fit) 
mpcto.gif (15577 bytes)


Jr. Pac-Man PCB
Pac-Man Jr. Marquee


any Pac-Man series flyers


For my ataribullet.gif (940 bytes) Atari Centipede cocktail arcade machine:


NOS cocktail cp overlays


Millipede PCB  (Arrived Dec 11 1998! Thanks!)


flyers  (Got them both, thanks!)!



For my Nintendo Mario Bros. arcade machine:


Popeye PCB

Side Art


For my Universal Mr. Do! cocktail arcade machine:



Mr. Do's Castle! marquee
a Mr. Do's Castle


any kind of Mr. Do! artwork you think might look okay on my Stern cocktail cabinet



Also wanted, an upright Nintendo Mario Bros. arcade machine.

GOT IT in trade for DKJr!  Thanks Dwayne!


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