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climbingvine.gif (1287 bytes)dkjrshot1.gif (2443 bytes)800.gif (1007 bytes) Nintendo
keyblue.gif (955 bytes) Donkey Kong Jr. keypink.gif (964 bytes)

[DK Jr Marquee]
1982nintendoofamericainc.gif (1107 bytes)

dkjrtitleflash.gif (3482 bytes)
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As of September 07, 2000, this game has !
Traded, actually, for Mario Bros.
Thanks Dwayne!


takethatmario.gif (1311 bytes)               Here are the ROMs 2       


Dipswitch settings and PCB Pinoutsjrdies.gif (498 bytes)


getkeyfrommario.gif (1472 bytes)

Acquired: October 1998

dkjrshot1.gif (2443 bytes)

Well, the tables are turned in the very popular sequel to the extremely popular Donkey Kong.  Unless you've never been in an arcade in your life, you know who Mario is.  In DK, Mario is in his first quest to save the princess.  He's climbing ladders, jumping barrels, flames, and yes, even pies, to get to the top of the screen.  Well, I guess he finally makes it,   because, in the sequel that we are honouring here, he's now got the famous ape, Donkey Kong, caged and shackled.

Little did our once beloved Mario know that DK had a son...  the now infamous DK Junior!  dkjrtall.gif (1798 bytes)Well, no little girder climbin' construction worker in suspenders (remember, it wasn't until Mario Bros. that Mario, along with his brother Luigi, became plumbers) is going to get the best of these simians!  It's up to us, now playing the poor little ape in diapers (at least that's what it looked like to me!) , to save papa from the hero turned animal abuser Mario!  No girders and ladders here!   We're in the jungle now!  It's vine swingin', chain climbin', swamp clearin', bear trap avoidin', bird dodgin', fruit droppin', spark hoppin' (questionmark.gif (844 bytes)questionmark.gif (844 bytes)questionmark.gif (844 bytes)) good fun!

This game and DK were games my brother was a little more into than me, but I must admit, I sunk a few quarters into them myself.  papa.gif (1305 bytes)My real Mario addiction didn't come until I played Mario Bros. with my wife (who wasn't my wife at the time).  What I found most interesting about DKJr, was how big the main character was.  How was a game going to be interesting when your moving this big monkey around?  Well, somehow it was!

marioandbluetrap.gif (964 bytes)


Denin, my 3 year old son, calls this the bigleap.gif (1343 bytes) "Jumping Baby Monkey Game", as in "Daddy, can you turn on the big Jumping Baby Monkey Game please?" Almost cute enough to want to keep it! Of course, all he can do is run off the first platform into the water, so I usually just let him watch the demo screen. He's seems happy enough with that right now. Tana, on the other hand, can now jump to the first vine and climb up. She's actual registered a few points for killing the first red bear trap! I feel some high score entries coming on!


Well, an update to this is in order:  Tana has now passed the first screen and I've seen Denin on the right hand side of the screen!   Now when I mention selling this, Maureen says "How can you sell it on the kids?".  Isn't that funny...

Further update:  Tana can now finish a few screens and Denin has finished the first screen a couple of times!  How many 3 and 5 year olds can say that?  On the other hand, how many 3 and 5 year olds know what that means?  :)

flyingmario.gif (935 bytes)


Still needed for this machine:

  • A BUYER! (Maybe!) 


    Not exactly as Shown, but pretty close.

    [Donkey Kong C/T]flyingbird.gif (388 bytes)This picture is somewhat like my machine. But, for one, mine is a Donkey Kong Junior, and this is a Donkey Kong, but the general look is the same.  Mine is in a Tehkan cabinet, although it looks the same as this.  It has an instruction card on BOTH sides of the table, and the control panel is not vertical.  The Jump button says Fire. The guts sure looks like they belong in there.  I was told it was the original cabinet, but I think it's probably a very good conversion.  Maybe they just replaced the glass with one from a Tehkan cabinet.  Maybe you can tell me once I get some real pictures up here.
    It has the clearest looking 20" monitor I've seen in a game this old. It's like brand new.  Has both the DKJr manual and the complete manual for the cabinet as well.



    mushrooms.gif (1392 bytes)


    egg.gif (1150 bytes) Not too many games had birds pooping on you!  Oh, is that an egg?  I always thought of it the other way.  It made me want to avoid it more!


    gotcha.gif (1381 bytes)I can't thing of another game where the protagonist mario.gif (906 bytes) of the first became the ourhero2.gif (1033 bytes) antagonist of the sequel?        Can you?



    Game play looks like this... (animation)


    Level Level Screen Absolute Screen


    1 1
    2 1 3
    3 1 6
    4 1 9

    Level Level Screen Absolute Screen


    2 2
    2 3 5
    3 3 8
    4 4 12
    Level Level Screen Absolute Screen


    2 4


    2 10
    Level Level Screen Absolute Screen


    2 7


    3 11


    fruit.gif (898 bytes)The Lawley Family High Scoresbanana.gif (891 bytes)

    dkjrtop.gif (2815 bytes)

    1st.gif (879 bytes) Cliff

     105,600  Oct 08, 1999
    12th screen

    2nd.gif (889 bytes) Maureen

    46,300  Feb 11, 1999

    3rd.gif (883 bytes) Tana
    (5 yrs old)

      20,500  Apr 09, 1999
    finished 2nd screen Mar 1999!

    4th.gif (883 bytes) Denin
    (3 yrs old)

    9,000  Mar 30, 1999
    finished 1st screen Feb 07, 1999!

    5th.gif (886 bytes)   credit00.gif (953 bytes)

    dkjrbottom.gif (2123 bytes)

    Honourable Mention Chris
    (my brother)

    77,000  July 11, 1999  July 11, 1999

      Ryan (nephew)
    (7 yrs old)

    17,500  July 23, 1999

    alphabet.gif (1763 bytes)


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