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millipederedword.gif (1230 bytes)
[Millipede marquee]

copyrightatari1982.gif (1028 bytes)


I own the board for this and hope to have it soon playing in my Centipede cocktail table.
(this is one of my current projects)

Help!  I can't get this board to send a proper composite sync signal!  If you have any suggestions,
let me know!


see the Lawley family's high scoresmillipedelongyellow.gif (1240 bytes)

    My shooterwhite.gif (857 bytes)Atari Centipede table...Atari Centipede cocktail

redspinningstar.gif (4218 bytes)Soon to also play Atari Millipederedspinningstar.gif (4218 bytes)
shooter.gif (852 bytes)

millipedereallongblue.gif (1216 bytes)

millipedeshot3.gif (1028 bytes)Millipede was a game I never really even knew existed.  I guess it wasn't popular where I was from.  When I eventually did hear of it, I thought it was some cheap rip off of Centipede.  I didn't realize it was a sequel by the wonderful Atari themselves!   I can only imagine what my fascination would have been with this game had I had the chance to get to love it in the arcade. ddtyellowmushpurple.gif (1034 bytes)

That's probably why I am so EXCITED to get my Millipede PCB working in my Centipede cocktail machine!  I will actually get a chance to fall in love with another Atari classic, like I did so many others 15 or so years ago!  It's going to be great!

beeblue.gif (861 bytes)I've really have got to get on that!

flowers.gif (938 bytes)I've already got this flyer!
millipedetop2.gif (1301 bytes)

ddtexplosionpink.gif (889 bytes) Since my board has arrived, I can now provide the
    ROMs 2 
spiderorangetrans.gif (909 bytes)as promised!  

ladybugshootertrans.gif (893 bytes) (now to get to work doing the conversion!)


switch settings earwigyellow.gif (883 bytes)

millipedeshot6.gif (1399 bytes)PCB pinouts and Millipede conversion info inchwormblue.gif (857 bytes)

nextbonusat15000.gif (1027 bytes)


What I need is the Millipede manual in electronic format.

             millipedelongyellow.gif (1240 bytes)

shooter.gif (852 bytes)Millipedeshooter.gif (852 bytes)

millipedetop.gif (1462 bytes)





(5 yrs old)


(3 yrs old)


millipedebottom1.gif (1432 bytes)

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