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Ms. Pac-Man

[Ms Pac marquee]
mspactitle.gif (985 bytes)

mspacmanbanner.gif (1274 bytes)

midwaymfgco198081.gif (1386 bytes)

go to our high scores




As of September 02, 1999 I now own an original Ms. Pac-Man machine! 
Therefore, I can now provide images of these ROMs

Update: As of December 23, 1999, this machine is   !  I will leave the ROM link above for now, unless I get flack from someone.  I still own a glass underlay, so the scans I mention in the "FLASH" item below are still available.

remember this sound?

see the flyer

view board pinouts 

   and switch settings

FLASH:  Due to popular demand, I have made scans of the important parts of the cocktail underlay.  This involved piecing together two images, as one of them is larger than my letter size scanner.  The big one is the one you can see along the side of the table top (see image below), and a second one is of the score card immediately above the joysticks.  I can also provide you with a link to scans of the cocktail control panel overlays, but they are not mine.  There seems to be no other source for these on the internet.  If you are interested in seeing these images, please email me, and I can provide you with a link to view them.  I would like to use this email method for now, as I am interested in how much interest there is in these.  I have been asked for them at least 3 times in the last month.  This is probably partially due to TwoBits having pulled them from their parts list.


Acquired: September 02, 1999

  This is a cocktail table in great shape.  The screen has quite a bit of burn (find me one today that doesn't!), and the CP overlays are missing.  
The glass underlay is immaculate!  Now if only I had a Pac-Man one for my other machine instead of two for Ms. Pac-Man... Oh well...

Oh, one other thing.  It has a Speedy chip in it.  I'm not too keen on that.  
I don't think I'll perform any hacks on this one though, unless I go all out and do the Multi-Pac mod.

To the right  is what a new one looked like, and mine doesn't look much worse!

 Sold:  December 23, 1999



Items I still need:
(Not anymore!)

real CP overlays
[Ms Pac-man c/t CP] 

key for coin door 

non speedy ROM chip 


Wells/Garner cap-kit 


pacmanmonster.gif (869 bytes)  Latest News:

(December 23, 1999):  SOLD!

 (September 11, 1999):  Just finished installing laminated colour laser printed CP overlays on this machine.  It's the same thing I did for the my Pac-Man machine.  It looks great!  I still would not say no to reasonably priced real ones though.



I've created a table of Ms. Pac-man perfect maze scores.

mspacmanhead.gif (871 bytes)  Maze


Perfect Score 
For Maze
Total Score
 At End Of 
Perfect Maze
maze colour &
running maze
cherry.gif (866 bytes)   Cherry 100 14,600 14,600 #1 
strawberry.gif (861 bytes)  Strawberry 200 14,800 29,400
peach.gif (857 bytes)   Peach 500 15,600 45,000 #2 
pretzel.gif (873 bytes)  Pretzel 700 16,000 61,000
apple.gif (853 bytes)   Apple 1,000 16,600 77,600
pear.gif (855 bytes)   Pear 2,000 18,580 96,180 #3 
banana.gif (855 bytes)   Banana 5,000 24,580 120,760
  Random X 2 Random 14,580 + fruit ???
  Random X 4 Random 4 X 14,540 + fruit ??? #4 
  Random X 4 Random 3 X 14,580 + fruit
1 X 2,580 + fruit
??? #3 
no blue time on 4th maze
         (last time) 17
  Random X 4 Random 1 X 14,540 + fruit
3 X 2,540 + fruit
??? #4 
blue time only on first maze,
then that's it!

Mazes now cycle through the 4 shown below, in sets of 4.
No more blue time and no more intermissions.  
That is, at least until the 43rd maze, which is the furthest I've been.


2,580 + fruit

2,540 + fruit
2,580 + fruit
2,540 + fruit
25, 29, 33, 37
mspacmanbanner.gif (1274 bytes)

The Lawley High Scores
noon the 4-game Pac-Man table

mspactitle.gif (985 bytes)normal

mspachiscore.gif (1129 bytes)


15th maze

17th maze

8th maze

(5 yrs old)

past 1st maze

Nov 2, 1998!

(3 yrs old)


mspacmanbanner.gif (1274 bytes)
                                      non the new Ms. Pac-Man table

mspactitle.gif (985 bytes)speedy

mspachiscore.gif (1129 bytes)


Oct 09, 1999

43rd maze
Oct 04, 1999

Maureen 195,750
Oct 16, 1999
16th maze
18th maze

Tana (5 yrs old)
(7 yrs old)

8,320 Oct 03, 1999
16,720 May 18, 2001
Denin (3 yrs old) 2,080 Sept 19, 1999 
mspacmanbanner.gif (1274 bytes)

Had a perfect game up to and including the pear maze on
October 07, 1999!

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