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 Hi. You've reached Cliff Lawley's Home Arcade Collection page...


Goodbye to the pinball division of Williams WMS Gaming, Inc. 
Thanks for the memories...

Black Knight, Firepower, Flash, High Speed, Jungle Lord...

Coming soon, my Mario Bros. page!


I've dedicated most of this space to my collection of video arcade machines from the 1980's.  You'll find details of my current collection on the My Games page (formerly called Current Collection).

You'll find my most recent changes to the site on my What's New page.

Read about my first experience with this hobby. 
It's a pinball story.

But feel free to start anywhere you like. Just select a menu item from the list down the left hand side.

I hope you enjoy my site, and find the information useful.  Please feel free to email me your comments and/or sign my guestbook.

 Also, have a look at the copyright info link at the bottom of this (and every) page.  I think it's pretty cool.


  [Millipede Upright] *

* (Yes, I know the Millipede machine is mirrored, it made a better frame that way!  If you want to see it the right way, hover over it with the mouse, or if that doesn't work, click here.)

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