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pacbtn.gif (551 bytes) Pac-Man
pacbtn.gif (551 bytes)
1980midwaymfgco.gif (1077 bytes)

[Pac-man marquee]

Pac-Man fruit array

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new.gif (1060 bytes)  First perfect game of Pac-Man attained!
Read about it here!


Wocka Wocka!


   In Search Of... The Elusive 1600.gif (882 bytes)!


Naked Speedy  In 1980 Midway set the video game world on fire with their release of this absolute  'must have' classic.  Sadly, I think it was the beginning of the downfall of pinball as well.  Before Pac-man, arcade walls were lined with pinball machines, an Asteroids, Space Invaders and maybe a Breakout.  But after Pac-man, the video game boom really took off, and the pins started losing market share.  At least that's the way I remember it...



galaxian.gif (880 bytes)I remember seeing Pac-Man for the first time at a little arcade in Penticton BC, Canada.  It had a huge crowd of people around it.  I couldn't even get near it to see what all the hubbub was about.  When I did, I remember two things striking me - the colours and the feeling that this was something different.  What I must have meant by that, was that it was different from Space Invaders type shoot 'em ups, the Breakout / Pong style paddle games and the blip cars racing around a track games.  This was truly unique, at least for a little while.  But as with all popular games, it was soon cloned to the max.

grape.gif (882 bytes)How many quarters did I eventually plug into Pac-Man machines in and around Penticton?  I'll never know, but one thing is for sure... I don't regret one of them!

bell.gif (877 bytes)Thanks Namco!  And thanks Midway, for bringing it to America!

cherriesRead CNet Gamecenter's  history of Pac-man while it's still there.  When this link is broken, can someone let me know?   Thanks.


See Pac-Man flyer1, flyer2 or view all of the Pac-Man family flyers here.

shadow.gif (1005 bytes)ROMs 2

board pinoutsspeedy.gif (1006 bytes)

bashful.gif (1018 bytes)switch settings

pokey.gif (996 bytes)


This is what my machine originally looked like, when it was brand new (long before I had it).

pacmancocktailsmall.gif (12556 bytes)



Acquired: October 1997

pacdies1.gif (1144 bytes)The image above is what my cabinet looks like, except for the glass art. Mine has a Ms. Pac-man underlay.  If you want to see what my glass underlay looks like, click here to view my Ms. Pac-man page.  The original Pac-man glass underlay that had come with the machine had been painted over in black. After unsuccessfully trying to remove the paint, I finally picked up an old Ms. Pac-Man underlay on ebay (note: may the buyer beware).  
The first thing I did was perform the 4 game hack (link has been restored!) on the PCB.  It now plays both Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, in both regular and speedy mode.  I performed this as carefully as I could so that it is completely UN-doable at a moments notice.  Now I don't feel too bad about the Ms. Pac art, as the machine actually does play the Ms. anyway. 
My CP overlays leave a little to be desired though (see latest news below for an update). Maybe someday I will be able to afford Two-bit's price for new ones.


Items I still need:


pacdies1.gif (1144 bytes) Pac-Man glass underlay 
pacdies1.gif (1144 bytes) Jr. Pac-Man PCB
Jr Pac-Man marquee

(A/C version of course) 
pacdies1.gif (1144 bytes) cocktail cp overlays
[pacman c/t cp] 
pacdies1.gif (1144 bytes) Pac-man series flyers 



  pacmanmonster.gif (869 bytes)  Latest News:   I recently took someone's suggestion and printed some new cp overlays on a colour laser printer.  Then I had them laminated.  After replacing the player 2 overlay with one of them, it looks a million times better.  The overlay on the player one side isn't bad enough to warrant peeling it off.  It's good enough for me to want to preserve the original, at least for now.



  Ms. Pac-Man

As of September 2, 1999 I now own an original Ms. Pac-Man machine!  

new.gif (2685 bytes)  As of December 23, 1999, I have sold this machine, but I will continue to maintain a separate Ms. Pac-Man page.

Because of that I have split this page and now have a separate Ms. Pac-Man page.  
Be sure and check it out.  I have moved most of the Ms. Pac-Man info that was here to that page.  This should have the added benefit of making this page load faster.


The Lawley High Scores


Pac-Man (normal)

pacmanhiscore.gif (1156 bytes)


(10th key)


(1st bell)

(5 yrs old)

Jan 17, 1999

(3 yrs old)


pacmanhl.gif (1326 bytes)
honourable mention...
Chris (my brother)   182,950   6th key

Pac-Man (speedy)

mspachiscore.gif (1129 bytes)

Cliff 103,000
(5 yrs old)

(3 yrs old)

pacmanhl.gif (1326 bytes)


Here are some great Pac-man links that may or may not already be shown above...

Feel free to offer suggestions...

Eagle's Arcade (MsPac.Com) 
First perfect game of Pac-Man attained! 
CNet Gamecenter's  history of Pac-man  

Before you go, be sure and check out my Ms. Pac-Man page.  
You can continue on the Pac-Land WebRing from there as well.



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