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cocktail table

title.gif (2303 bytes)
konami1983.gif (1068 bytes)


       [Gyruss marquee]

[alternate marquee]

  FLASH!:  Found this great article on the history of Konami!  It covers their releases to the home market as well as their long line of success in the video arcade realm as well.  A real must read!

Click the word Konami above or even right here to go to the videogames.com article.

(Please let me know when this link finally breaks.)


1warptoneptune.gif (1065 bytes)GameArchive has NO flyer for this machine!  
If you have one and a scanner, why not submit it to them?


[Please deposit coin to try this game]

Gotta love the politeness!  Is that called "soft-sell"?

My wife sure never regretted following this advice!

gyrussleft.gif (959 bytes)My memories of Gyruss begin in the pool hall in Penticton where my wife and I did a huge part of our dating.  She was always the Gyruss fan, and in fact, it's the one game I can never out-do her in.  She really is good at it!  The sound is great and the game play is just a notch above the other space shooter games because of the 'orbital' movement of the player.  The shooting into the middle of the screen as the enemy ships come flying out at you is pretty cool.  
gyrussright.gif (964 bytes)Because it is about the same age as Galaga, it also has the bonus rounds where you can't die, and extra points for doing them perfectly.  I don't know, whether it's just me, but even the machine itself is cool looking!  Unique in a way... like the Star Wars machine is unique.  Oh well, my machine is a cocktail table anyway...

Let's get to something useful for you here...

heretheycome.gif (1176 bytes)ROMs 2

PCB pin-outsearth.gif (1477 bytes)

switch settings



UPDATE: I actually picked up a Turtles board from Rick Cosh on Jan 24, 1999.  Unfortunately, my Gyruss monitor seems to be on the fritz at the moment, so I can't put this one on yet.  So I DEFINITELY need a Turtles marquee images for my page.  If you've got one, again, PLEASE let me know...

Not mine, but a beauty...

[Gyruss Cocktail]


Acquired: October 1997

Not exactly as Shown. Accurate picture coming soon.

Mine's in a generic  (I think) cocktail cabinet, very similar to the one below though. The control panel is narrower, maybe half as wide. I am extremely interested in a glass underlay for this, and possibly a couple of CP overlays (although my machine does NOT have a very wide CP)

Still wanted for this machine:

    a power supply 
    glass underlay (or original glass if the image was silk-screened on) 
    Turtles or Turpin PCB - (this is Stern Turtles or Taito Turpin, NOT TMNT in anyway)  Got one!  Thanks Rick! 
    Time Pilot or Time Pilot '84 PCB 
    Scramble PCB 
    Super Cobra PCB 
    Gyruss flyer 
 stage2.gif (960 bytes)

News Flash!  After seeing this picture on my site, Rick Cosh was able to identify an old gutted table he had as this very machine!  He gave it to me, so I think I'll rebuild it with the guts of my generic conversion cab to get me that much closer to the original!  I brought the cabinet home Feb 15, 1999.  First step, though, is to get the old box working again.   Somewhere along the line this original cabinet had an extra button added to it.  That's great!   It increases the number of games I can plug into the machine dramatically!   Bring on Scramble and Super Cobra!  I could really use the artwork for the top now.



  gyrussright.gif (964 bytes)heretheycome.gif (1176 bytes)

Gyruss High Scores
scorerankingtable.gif (1144 bytes)

gyrusshiscore.gif (1517 bytes)


1 warp to earth
2 warps PAST earth



(5 yrs old)


(3 yrs old)


gyrussbottom.gif (1381 bytes)

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