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Mr. Do!

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[Mr Do! marquee]
universal1982.gif (1182 bytes)

(click on the marquee for some other Mr. Do! marquee images)

mrdotitle.gif (9294 bytes)

Mr. Do! is an incredible game.  It is often called a Dig Dug clone, but this game is so much better than Dig Dug that it is in a class by itself!  On so many websites its brief description is "It's like Dig Dug".  If a description has to be brief, it should read, "It's like Dig Dug but so much better!"

I think what I'll do with some of this space is describe WHY I feel Mr. Do! is so much superior to Dig Dug.  Do not  interpret this as Dig Dug or Atari bashing.  I recognize the appeal of Dig Dug, and, as many of you know, I LOVE Atari!


clown.gif (1383 bytes)Meanwhile, here are the ROM's...

and the pinouts...mrdoshot1.gif (1834 bytes)

intermissiondo.gif (1495 bytes)      and the dipswitch settings...



Why is Mr. Do! Such an Excellent Game?


One of the things that made Mr. Do! greater than MOST other games was its EXTRA guy, or clown policy.  Most video games of the era gave extra guys under two different conditions. . .


extraguywhole.gif (4890 bytes)
bonustankat15000and100000.gif (1608 bytes)

On the one hand you had the Pac-Man family, the Donkey Kong family and many others that gave you an extra man at one predetermined score.   Usually that score was low enough to reach on the second screen, if not the first.   At that point game play no longer had anything to do with extra men.   Sometimes you were notified of your new player by some audible signal while game play was going on.  Some games, like Dig Dug and Battlezone, would have a second predetermined score where you could gain another man. 

letterguy.gif (1068 bytes)

extramountevery20000points.gif (1599 bytes)

The other method popular at the time, especially with William's, was the Joust, Robotron, Defender, Galaga and yes, even the Centipede and Gyruss way.  These games would give you a free man at predetermined intervals in the scoring, such as every 10,000, 12,000, or 20,000 points.  Gyruss and Galaga gave an initial freebee at a low score like 10,000, and then at larger intervals such as every 50,000 or 70,000.

  The creators of Mr. Do! handled this quite differently.   Gaining extra men became an intricate part of the game play.  Something that was always on your mind as you played and that you could strategically plan for.   Your extra man strategy could make or break your game. e.gif (890 bytes) x.gif (898 bytes) t.gif (896 bytes) r.gif (901 bytes) a.gif (902 bytes)
     The goal was to spell the word EXTRA by defeating certain enemies that had letters in their stomachs.  You could shoot them...shootletter.gif (1072 bytes) or squish 'em squishletter.gif (1091 bytes) just like all the other bad guys.

These characters would enter the screen from the letter box at the top.  This would happen every 5,000 points, or whenever Do ate the treat in the middle of the screen.  By timing it right you could get up to 3 letters on the first screen without dying.  You had to time it right though, because a moving pointer extrawithmarker.gif (1016 bytes) would indicate which letter was coming out next.  

You really have to play the game to fully realize how much this element adds to the game play.  For instance, spelling EXTRA would automatically end a scene (providing you with a stunning cut-scene), so you didn't always just want to shoot that last letter right away...

Also, if you got your last letter but died in the attempt, your little clown would come back to life...  Nice touch!




After every third 'scene', instead of your typical intermission, Mr. Do! displays statistics for the previous group of 'scenes'.  This includes how many points were accumulated and how much time was spent on each screen.  Also an indication of how each scene came to an end is given by an icon.  In the screen shot here we see that scene 6 ended with a diamond (more on that later) and that scenes 4 and 5 ended by destroying all enemies. screentotalswithdiamond.gif (1855 bytes)
averageat10.gif (1570 bytes) After every tenth scene, we see the same stats for the previous scene and also an average score and time per screen!  What other game comes close to providing this kind of information to the player?  Most don't even give this info to the machine owner!  (Centipede gives average time per game during machine testing.) 

You'll notice here that  scene 10 ended with receiving an extra Do.

Also, the high score board shows 10 scores, including scene level and time duration of the game.



3) FREE GAMES  diamondspinning.gif (719 bytes)

How many video games can you name that award a player with a free game?  I can think of two... Tehkan's Pinball Action (of course trying to mimic a pinball machine, and man, was it hard to get!), and our friend, Mr. Do! youwinextra.gif (1285 bytes)
special.gif (3052 bytes) mrdoanimbtn.gif (6269 bytes)Every once in awhile a diamond would appear at random from the center of a bursting apple.   If our hero was able to get the diamond before it disappeared or the scene ended the player was awarded with a coin.gif (890 bytes)!  Yes, an actual CREDIT!  This was a total random occurrence though, and may not happen in a whole night, or, as was the case when I was preparing these screen shots, you could win 2 in one game!  I'll have to check my MAME settings!  :)



There are just so many things that make this game great, I can't even list them all.  Things like each scene starting out looking like the screen number, except for scene 1 that actually says Do!
The music is great, the colours are great, and on and on it goes...


My machine looks like this...

Mr. Do! Cocktail

and game-play looks like this...


Things I still would like for this machine:
  • any and all cocktail table art, although this one is not in a Universal cabinet (read as "ugly", as seen to the right).  It's actually in a Stern cabinet (read as "pac-man-like", as seen to the left), but maybe I can find something to make this look more Do'ish...  
  • Mr. Do's Castle PCB or Mr. Do! Vs The Unicorns PCB
    Mr. Do!'s Castle marquee    
  • Ladybug PCB   
  • flyer   
  • marquee- (got one now. thanks!)    
  • Here's what an original cabinet looks like...


    The Lawley Family High Scores


    hiscore.gif (1613 bytes)

    rank.gif (1291 bytes) 473,350 Cliff 30 17'39 April 11, 1999
    334,200 Maureen 25 14'07 Apr 03, 1999
    53,850 Tana 6 4'18 Apr 04, 99
    Mar 07, 99
    1st extra guy!
    37,300 Denin 5 ?? Mar 05, 99

    dobottom.gif (1305 bytes)

    longest game... 17'39             highest level...   30


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