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  Pin   Pin   Wire
R-B 7 VCT (center tap) A   1 7 VCT (center tap) R-B
R-B 7 VCT (center tap) B   2 7 VCT (center tap) R-B
Orange 7 VAC C   3 7 VAC Orange
Green 7 VAC D   4 7 VAC Green
  +7.5 VDC E   5 +7.5VDC BLU-R
G-B speaker F   6

credit multiplier reset

R-Y speaker H   7 coin counter G-W
O-B? coin sw. J   8 coin 2  
O-W slide sw. Test or tilt sw. K   9 credit switch R-G
BR-B select 1 player L   10 select 2 players B-Y
BLU-W Player 1 left M   11 player 1 right Y-R
W-R Player 1 up N   12 player 2 up BRN-Y
O-G Player 2 left P   13 player 2 right R-BLU
G-R table (ground for table top) R   14 player 1 down BR-W
G-R RGB ground S   15 ground RED
R-W RGB red T   16 RGB green W-BRN
Y-B RGB blue U   17 RGB neg sync O-R
W-Y player 2 down V   18 +5VDC W-O
B-W 12 VAC W   19 12 VAC B-W
Blu-Y 12 VAC X   20 12 VAC Blu-Y

12 VCT (center tap)

Y   21

12 VCT (center tap)


12 VCT (center tap)

Z   22

12 VCT (center tap)


*This is my best determination using the manual and the pin out list created by Tom Nezwek found on WireTap I am NOT 100% sure about the monitor lines, as there seems to be some discrepency between the manual and Tom's list.   The manual doesn't seem to make sense, so I left Tom's values for those (S,T,U,16,17).  Also I couldn't confirm pin E or 5 from the manual yet.

all things Pac-Man are 1980midwaymfgco.gif (1077 bytes)

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