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Donkey Kong Junior Dipswitch Settings
and PCB Pinouts

Donkey Kong Junior
Dipswitch Settings
(click image to the right for a better view
of the switch's location)
dkjrsw.gif (4294 bytes)
Defaults off off off off off off off X

Number of Juniors

3 off off            
4 on off            
5 off on            
6 on on            

Extra Junior at

10,000     off off        
15,000     on off        
20,000     off on        
25,000     on on        


1 coin / 1 play         off off off  
1 coin / 2 plays         off on off  
1 coin / 3 plays         off off on  
1 coin / 4 plays         off on on  
2 coins / 1 play         on off off  
3 coins / 1 play         on on off  
4 coins / 1 play         on off on  
5 coins / 1 play         on on on  

Cabinet Type

Tabletop               off
Upright               on



Donkey Kong Junior PCB Pinout

Parts Side   Solder Side
1 gnd A gnd
2 gnd B gnd
3 +5v C +5v
4 +5v D +5v
5 +12v E +12v
6 -5v F -5v
7 coin 2 H coin
8 2 player J 1 player
9 sub right K main right
10 sub left L main left
11 sub up M main up
12 sub down N main down
13 sub jump P main jump
14   R  
15 counter 2 S service
16 gnd T gnd
17 tv green * U tv red *
18 sync * V tv blue *
19 speaker W tv audio
20 +24v X counter
21 gnd Y gnd
22 gnd Z gnd

* NOTE: these video signals are all negative


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