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What's New History

July 11, 1999

My brother challenged me to a game of DKJr, which I haven't played for quite a while.  Got a new high score!  For note, his highest score today was 69,000.

Did you hear about the guy who got the perfect game of Pac-Man?  Read about it here

May 25, 1999

Received a Totally Awesome 80's Site Of The Day Award!   Thanks!

May 15, 1999

Wow!  Long time no update!  :)  I had a few minutes, so I updated my Atari 8-bit computer stuff for sale page.  That's about it.  That breaking 100,000 on DKJr must have taken a lot out of me!

April 23, 1999

Finally broke the 100,000 barrier on DKJrThe problem is that I still can't get past the same screen, the second one with the weird birds and the springboard thing.  Any tips??

I noticed that my Pac-Man page is taking a lot of hits, so I moved my ShowStats counter to monitor where they are all coming from.  Unfortunately this is a very slow counter, but it'll have to do.  I don't want to move my Extreme counter off of my main page.


April 11, 1999

Blew away my old Mr. Do! score, getting close to 475,000!

Tana recently broke the 20,000 mark on DKJrNot bad for a 5 year old!  She finished the third screen!

April 04, 1999

Tana gets a new high score on Mr. Do!  Yeah!

April 03, 1999

Maureen beats her old high score by under 1000, but goes up 2 levels on Mr. Do!LT

April 02, 1999

Tana got a couple of great scores on DKJr!  17,300 and her new high score, 18,900!

March 30, 1999

Denin gets a great new score on DKJr!  We're so proud!  :)   Tana comes close to her high score again, coming within 50!

March 22, 1999

Tana beats her high score on Mr. Do! This was also the second time she had gotten an extra guy!

March 09, 1999

Maureen strikes again and breaks her high score again again!

March 07, 1999

Maureen CRUSHED her old high score, hitting almost 320,000 on scene 24 from her old high score of 248,000 on scene 18!

Tana gets a new high score for Mr. Do! and gets her first EXTRA guy!  Yeah!

March 05, 1999

Almost hit 400,000 and Denin cracked 30,000 on, you guessed it, Mr. Do!!

March 03, 1999

Added Mr. Do! Dip Switch page.

Broke 330,000 on Mr. Do!

March 01, 1999

I broke the 300,000 barrier on Mr. Do!

Denin breaks 20,000 on Mr. Do!

I've added a Mr. Do! pinout page

February 28, 1999

I was awarded with an I.C. When Eye Site Award today!  You can see it on my Start Page Thank you very much, I.C. When.  If you haven't visited I.C.When before, you should.   It's got great info on the history of arcade games, home computers, and other video games.  I've visited it often and always learn something new.  

Maureen almost cracked 250,000 on Mr. Do! today!

February 27, 1999

Guess what!?  The computer power supply worked in the Gyruss machine!  I didn't bother with making sure the power supply had a load.  When I measured the output with no load, the + and - 5 volt lines were bang on.  The +12 volt line was measuring around 11.  I figured this was close enough to give it a try, and... it worked!  I'll still get the switching transistors from Bob Roberts to repair the old power supply with, but in the meantime, I can start assembling the original Gyruss cab now.

The other good news is that the monitor I brought back from Rick's place a couple of weeks ago also works!  It was merely missing a fuse!  It wasn't even missing, it was just sitting loose on the board!  I don't know how to break the news to Rick now!  :)

Came so close to breaking 300,000 on Mr. Do!, it's not even funny!   Even while enduring the aftermath pain of having my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday!

I don't have a dedicated 'Links' area right now, although I am thinking about creating one, but a guy here in Calgary really has something worth seeing.  If you've considered, or have already converted an arcade machine into a MAME emulator machine, you ready should check out Dread Boy's web site.  He has an awesome interface he wrote so you can select not only the game you want to play, but even the emulator you want to play it on.  It's more than just a MAME machine.  It's an all in one emulator machine.  I've played his, and seen his old text based interface.  He now tells me he's now written a new graphics oriented interface for it.  Check it out...

February 24, 1999

Let's see... got all mini-menu's up to date with the active Centipede button.

Posted a couple more Mr. Do! high scores.

Determined from Randy Fromm's web site article that I had a blown transistor in my Gyruss power supply.  As the local source wants $15 for each of them, I ordered a couple from Bob Roberts for $4 for two of them delivered to Canada.  Someone suggested using a computer power supply, which I happen to have access to, but Bob said that they must be under a heavier load to stabilize the power level.  He suggested hooking up an old 486 motherboard to it and also the Gyruss PCB.  That's an idea, if I can find an old motherboard.  Might be able to get one at work...

February 21, 1999

Made an active button for Centipede in the 'mini-menu'

New high scores for Maureen and Tana on Mr. Do!

Did some testing of my down Gyruss machine.  Turns out the power supply is shot.  I opened it up and changed a fuse that was blown but I still get no voltages out of it.  Any suggestions or offers of a new power supply would be greatly appreciated.

Made a last ditch attempt to get Millipede working.  It is still a no go.  I think there is something wrong with the composite signal from the board.  If anyone is in the Calgary area and had a Millipede machine that I can test my board on, let me know.  Until I can test the board, there's not much more I can do.  :(

Countman counters seem to be down.  Hopefully it won't last long.  It's been a few days already... :(

As my new Gyruss cabinet has two buttons, I've added a couple of two button Konami conversion class games to my wanted items... Scramble and Super Cobra

February 18, 1999

I changed the 'mini-menu' a little.  I've made the little game icons active only on a 'roll-over'.  It was far too busy before with all the .GIF animations running at once, and a lot of browser/computers could not even keep up enough to keep them all running.  I think this is better.  I think I made the change to all pages.  If any links are now broken, PLEASE let me know.

February 15, 1999

Wow, what an eventful weekend!  The only part you're probably interested in was the trip to Edmonton to FINALLY pick up Mr. Do!  But before I get to that, I want to congratulate my good friend Gideon and my new friend Irene on their marriage this weekend!

I did actually go to Edmonton this weekend, saw my brother and his recent new bride, Tammy, and brought back my Mr. Do! cocktail machine!  Thanks again to Rick for cutting me another GREAT deal.  I also returned home with the empty original Gyruss cocktail cabinet and a monitor that I may be able to scavenge some parts off of to get Gyruss working again, all for LESS than the price I was expecting to pay for only the Do machine.  Remember if you need anything, do yourself a favour and drop Rick a line!

As would be expected after bringing home the new toy, I posted a couple if high scores for Mr. Do!   The kids had good scores too, but that was before I adjusted the machine down to 3 Do's per game.  Hi scores only count on default settings after all!  I'm sure by the time I come home from work tomorrow, there will be scores to post for them as well.

Rick checked out the Gyruss and Turtles boards, and they both were fine, that narrows down the Gyruss problem to the monitor or power supply.  I was thankful for that.

February 12, 1999

I separated my Centipede/Millipede page into two separate pages.  That should help speed up download time.  Since I'm so close to actually being able to play Millipede now, I also figured it was time to separate them.

I'm off to Edmonton this weekend to pick up my Mr. Do! machine!  We are all quite excited!  See you this weekend Rick!

February 08, 1999

I've added the new BZ-like menu to a few more pages, such as this one.  I've also added a Stern Turtles link and changed the Mr. Do! link on the mini menu to point the new dedicated pages for these games.  Even though they are still a work in progress, they are good enough to make public.

February 07, 1999

Well, a few things have changed/happened.  Denin finished the first screen on DKJr today!  We weren't paying attention, and suddenly he says, "I did it, all by myself!"  It was a very proud moment!  :)  His high score now is 5,200.

I've developed a new 'Battlezone'-like menu for the site.  I'm testing it out on the Start Page.  Check it out if you haven't already.  It uses Dynamic HTML instead of a Java applet like my current one does.  It should make it less download intensive.  It's a little wider, but pretty cool.  (At least I think so.)  I know, I don't even have a Battlezone machine, but the letters look so cool in vector style...

Rick Cosh has gotten some of his own web space on GeoCities.   We are in the process of moving his 'For Sale' page over there.  He's already got some awesome pictures of a few of his pinball machines there.  Check it out.

My Gyruss cocktail has taken a turn for the worse.  It seems the monitor has packed it in.   If you can think of some way for me to replace relatively cheaply from here in Calgary, let me know.  If I'm going to restore Rick's original Gyruss cocktail table, I've got to come up with a decent monitor for it.

The Gyruss problem has put a hold on my Stern Turtles progress.  I now have the board and my Turtles web page is just about done, but I have no way of playing it till I get the Gyruss machine working.

My Millipede adapter is still on hold until I can find out if the problem I am having with the video sync is a board problem or an adapter problem.  I've never seen this Millipede board work, so I guess I'll have to determine if if it's working somehow.

I'm pretty much finished my Mr. Do! page, in anticipation of picking up the machine next weekend.   I hope that comes together. I'll reveal the new page as soon as I get the machine.   It's going to make my On The Way page look pretty dismal.  I'll have to come up with something else to put there.

February 04, 1999

Well, the Lawley family keeps burning up the high score chart for DKJr, with Tana posting an awesome score of 11,900 today!  I almost hit the 100,000 mark.

February 01, 1999

Maureen and Denin got new high scores again on DKJr

All the Countman counters have been reset some time during the night.  This was done at my request, and was to coincide with the new version of the site going live a week or so ago.  I guess I underestimated the reaction time of Countman.  That's okay, at least they didn't complain that I had 24 counters and asked for them all to be adjusted at the same time!

Stay tuned for the all new Stern Turtles page!  I am in desperate need for a few things for this page.  I need a marquee image, perhaps some flyer scans, the pinouts and dipswitch settings, and maybe even a manual.  I know this is asking for a lot, but you never know what's out there.  I especially need the switch settings, as I have a board, but don't know how to set the switches.  Any help would be appreciated.   Thanks.

January 31, 1999

New high scores for Denin and me on DKJr!  That makes  new high scores for the whole family in the last few days!

Made some changes to the Centipede to Millipede conversion page (the pin out page, really).  Made it  a little clearer, and more accurate from my findings over the last week.

January 30, 1999

Maureen achieved a new high score on Donkey Kong Junior.

Fixed another couple of broken links.

Added  new animated .gif's for Ms. Pac-man and Mr. Do! to some of the mini-menus.

January 28, 1999

Reached 1000 visitors on the official counter for the Home page!  Thanks for the great support!

Still finding the odd broken links and fixing them.  PLEASE, if you find one, let me know.

Made my Millipede adapter the other night.  Just working out the kinks at the moment.  Be ready for some GREAT tips on that (read this as, 'Cliff made some obvious bonehead moves he'd like to tell you about.').

Tana got   a new high score on Donkey Kong Junior!  I don't know if this is only the second time she's finished the first screen or not, she never tells me, so I have to be attentive when she plays.


January 26, 1999

Created the Millipede animated button you see above on the mini menu and as this bullet.  It hasn't propagated its way through all the other screens yet.


January 25, 1999

Well, I've just been fiddling around trying to get everything working.  Almost everything is working now, as I can see.  If you see any links that are broken, PLEASE let me know.  I realized that the whole site didn't work anymore for Netscape users, as I had not deleted my reference to the style sheet from the old site.  Netscape breaks down in that case, I.E. just merrily trudges along without it.  Sorry about that, Netscape people.

I did add a few more comments to a couple of pages, due to what's described in the next point...

  I was up in Edmonton on the weekend to see Rick Cosh.  Although I didn't pick up my Mr. Do! machine, or the empty Gyruss cocktail, due to a lack of room in my van, I did pick up a DKJr marquee and a Turtles PCB for my Gyruss!   He's also got a Time Pilot PCB for me, but he wasn't quite done with it yet. 
As I expected, Rick is a SUPER nice guy, and wow, does he have a lot of stuff!  He's got a huge warehouse FULL of machines and parts!  If you haven't checked out Rick's for sale page yet, I suggest you do.  And be sure to email him with requests for stuff not listed, because he's very likely to have that too.  He hasn't listed anywhere near all the stuff he has.
Just off the top of my head, I saw a cabaret Robotron that had been converted by someone into something with ONE joystick :(,  an Arkanoid that played in a tabletop poker style box, a 2 player Sprint 2, Pole Position 1 and 2, a Dragon's Lair without a disc player, a Tempest that played Tempest but had a Major Havock marquee, a Galaga, a couple of Ms. Pac-man cocktails, a Targ cocktail, an Arkanoid cocktail, a Stargate cocktail, a Captain Fantastic pinball table in EXCELLENT shape, an Asteroid Annie pin, a couple of Black Hole pins, a Flash Gordon pin, a Silverball Mania pin, a Big Game pin, and just a ton more!  I don't know which of any of these he wants to sell, or how well many of them work, but if any of this peeks your curiosity, I'm sure he'd be happy to answer any or all questions you may have.  (Hey Rick, I hope you're not mad that I listed all this stuff!)

Added some bookmarks to the Atari 8-bit computer stuff for sale page, as it was quite long.


January 22, 1999

Welcome to the all new Cliff's Home Arcade Collectors Information and Nostalgia Page! (I don't think that will be the real title, it's a little wordy! <grin>)  Well as you can see, a lot has changed.  I've totally revamped the entire site.  As I was redoing this page, it dawned on me that none of this previous stuff is really relevant anymore, and there's no point keeping it around.  What I will do is preserve the old page as it is.  You can see it here, but remember, most of the links that go to internal pages will not work anymore.

Let's start fresh!  Just for preservation the count on the day this went live was 950. Incidentally, it was at 700 on January 2, 1999.



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